Testimonial Vamsi Bandaru

Vamsi Bandaru, ISB Co2023

  ISBeacon really helped me craft stellar essays. Through various discussions with my consultant, I was able to introspect my goals clearly. I've secured admits from Carnegie Mellon and ISB.

 Testimonial Rishav Lohia

Rishav Lohia, ISB Co2023

  I highly recommend the services of ISBeacon, to get an admit to ISB or any other B- School. I took their help for my essays, application and interview. Without their help it wouldn't have been possible.

Testimonial Prudhvi Raj

Prudhvi Raj, ISB Co2023

  I asked several teams for assistance with the ISB application, but ISB Beacon was the only one to react so quickly. Having the wits of ISB graduates behind this was also one of the nicest things I could hope for. 

 Testimonial Rahul Chowdary

Rahul Chowdary, ISB Co2023 

  I would strongly recommend ISBeacon for candidates passionate about getting into ISB. It’s a great deal to get the right guidance to reach the dreamt goal.

 Testimonial Priyansh Agrawal

Priyansh, ISB EEO Co2024 

  I would recommend using ISB Beacon's services to all ISB aspirants. I had taken their services for my interview preparation and that really gave me an idea of how to present myself in the interview.

 Testimonial Priyesh Deep

Priyesh Deep, ISB Co2023 

  My experience with ISBeacon has been extremely pleasant. ISBeacon team has been extremely approachable and provides a sense of comfort whenever one is under pressure.

 Testimonial Sayee Nikhileshwar

Sayee Nikhileshwar, ISB Co2023

  I have been associated with ISBeacon right from the time I have decided to join the B school. During my journey and getting an admit to ISB , I have found them very professional, cooperative and patient. 

 Testimonial Komal Patil

Komal Patil, ISB Co2023

  I highly recommend ISB Beacon who are looking to get an admit in B-schools. They were able to accurately assess my profile and came up with the best answers to the questions in the application form.

 Testimonial Arjav Jain

Arjav Jain, ISB Co2023

  ISBeacon has been one of my constant support since the day I dreamed to make it to ISB. For every ISB aspirant, it is a no-brainer to reach out to ISB Beacon, and get success in a simplified manner.

 Testimonial Shweta Dolwani

Shweta Dolwani, ISB Co2023

  I took help for my essays from ISB Beacon and got instant support from the team. They could judge my profile in no time and came back with suggestions immediately. They have a professional team.

 Testimonial Dominic Kuriakose

Dominic, ISB Co2023

  I contacted ISB Beacon to help me structure my essays for the application. ISB Beacon helped me articulate my career plans and motivations in the essays and provided a flow to the message.

 Testimonial Prasad Poluru

Prasad Poluru, ISB Co2023

  I worked with ISBeacon for my ISB application 2023. ISBeacon showed great teamwork and collaboration in directing my Application and Essays. Thanks to ISBeacon, I was able to secure an Admit from ISB.

 Testimonial Aravind R

Aravind R, ISB Co2023

  ISBeacon was very helpful with my PGP application. Guidance received for the essays and interviews was really good. They are very approachable and always addresses our queries.

 Testimonial Anusha Rana

Anusha Rana, ISB Co2023

  I took ISBeacon's help during Interview preparation for ISB. They took my initial mock that actually gave me an insight on how and what to expect in actual interview .The overall analysis guided me in my preparation.

 Testimonial Dhruv Puri

Dhruv Puri, ISB Co2022

  I engaged ISBeacon for my third try at ISB. They helped me come up with stellar essays based on
their unparalleled understanding of the school. The best thing about ISBeacon’s services is that
they are available for your queries throughout the day for the entire process.

 Testimonial Shubham Kalra

Shubham Kalra, ISB Co2022

  My experience with ISB Beacon has been an excellent one. Unlike several MBA consultants in the
market, ISB Beacon prioritises quality of deliverables above the commercial arrangements with its
clients. The best part for me was the flexibility I got while getting my essays and recommendation
letters reviewed from them.

 Testimonial Shreyas Hejib

Shreyas Heib, ISB Co2022

  The team at ISBeacon helped streamline my essays by capturing the strengths of my application
and presenting the content creatively and coherently. The mock interview further instilled confidence
in me. Their deep understanding of the school and their thorough commitment to the candidate’s
success are truly admirable.

 Testimonial Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh, ISB Co2022

  Fast and efficient services.

 Testimonial Aditya Pandit

Aditya Pandit, PGPpro Co2022

  I took help for my essays and got instant help from the team. They could judge my profile in no time
and came back with suggestions immediately. Compared to other services providers, they are very
reasonable. Without them, getting into ISB was a distant dream.

 Testimonial Sehaj Ahluwalia 2

Sehaj Ahluwalia, ISB Co2022

  ISBeacon’s mock interview and feedback helped me build my confidence and recognise the areas
of improvement. The mock played a pivotal role in my preparation.

 Testimonial Nischal Mohan 2

Nischal Mohan (YLP), ISB Co2022 

  ISBeacon was the sole reason for my preparation and confidence in the final round.
They really prep you well and guide you according to the interview.


Maanasa, ISB Co2021

   I took ISBeacon's help for my essays and was very impressed with their commitment and creativity.
They were able to bring out my strengths in the best manner and were able to give a good creative
edge to my professional journey in a short period of time.

Daivat Buch

Daivat Buch, ISB Co2021

  I was looking for someone who could  help with my application for ISB. GMATClub gives several options and
one of the options that caught my eyes was ISBeacon service. The essays delivered to me were perfect
in the first draft itself. I followed this up with their mock interview services, finally getting an acceptance
email from ISB.

Shweta Mishra

Shweta Mishra, ISB Co2021

  I highly recommend ISBeacon for their essay and interview services. I was a re-applicant for ISB Class
of 2021 admission and they did a commendable job on the presentation of my profile and essays.
The interview conducted by ISB was also very much in line with my mock interviews with ISBeacon.


Parshwi Jain, ISB Co2021

  ISBeacon helped me prepare my essays quite crisp. They created a story out of my points, helping in
making the essay have a great flow. Thanks ISBeacon!

Abhishek Reddy

Abhishek Reddy, ISB Co2021

  ISBeacon is one of the finest consultants I have worked with. Since the team consists of ISB alums,
they know exactly what help an applicant needs.

 Gaurav Jhunjhunwala

Gaurav Jhunjhunwala, ISB Co2021

  I took help of ISBeacon for my essays. They are extremely professional in their approach. Having worked
with other consultants in the past, the approach of ISBeacon was clearly a eye opener for me. Consultants
at ISBeacon were very patient and wanted to hear my part of the story instead of positioning their approach
which is a very rare quality.

Testimonial Ayushi Gupta

Aayushi Gupta, ISB Co2020


ISBeacon has played a very important role in my admission at ISB. The mock interview I had given was

very similar to the actual interview. They gave me a detailed review only a few hours after the mock interview

and it helped me immensely in finding out my strengths and weakness. ISBeacon is the best combination of

a mentor and a friend that can help you get into your dream school!

Testimonial SaiSubhash Yeniganti

SaiSubhash Yeniganti, ISB Co2020


Working with ISBeacon has been an absolute pleasure. They were as excited as me about my application

and essays and I can't stress enough that they played a huge role in my admission to ISB. They have a clear

idea on what ISB is expecting from it's students and that expertise is something that you need to look for

in a consultant.

Testimonial Naman Madan

Naman Madan, ISB Co2020


I was very impressed with the service that I received from the team for my ISB application. The approach of

submitting my long narrative stories with them and then getting it into the compact fit within word limit by the

team worked just fine. Also noteworthy was the prompt guidance over multiple iterations that I could have

with the team to come up with my impactful application. Finally the 30min mock skype interview helped me

get the final touchup before the D-day. End result – ISB convert.

Testimonial Ritika Siraj

Ritika Siraj, ISB Co2020


Thank you ISBeacon for splendid services. It improved my profile and helped me gain admit,

despite a relatively lesser experience.

Testimonial Gaurav Lamba

Gaurav Lamba, ISB Co2020


ISBeacon has been of immense help in the building of my application. The attention to detail is amazing

and it keeps your application very personalized. That is what differentiates it from the other more

commercial services out there. It makes your application stand out from the rest and vastly improves

your chances of conversion.

Testimonial Shaik Nadeem

Shaik Nadeem, ISB Co2020


ISBeacon has helped me with mock interview this year. They are quick in responding to your queries.

The analysis of the mock interview was detailed and useful. They helped me pinpoint my strengths and

weaknesses, along with clear suggestions on how i could improve.

Testimonial Neha Nair

Neha Nair, ISB Co2020


ISBeacon helped me frame my essays for my ISB application. They took the effort to understand my

strengths and weaknesses and showcase them in the best possible manner. They also ensured to

deliver the essays on time and in exactly the format that was needed.

Testimonial Param Bhutani

Param Bhutani, ISB Co2020

   A job very well done, enabling me to get admit to school of my choice, ISB!

Testimonial Anamitra Khali

Anamitra Kahali, ISB Co2020


ISBeacon did a brilliant job in reviewing and giving constructive feedback on my application drafts.

They have a brilliant eye for detail, and know their job well. Thank you!!

Testimonial Sahithi Chittineni

Sahithi Chittineni, ISB Co2019


The help that I received from ISBeacon was outstanding. They were extremely approachable

throughout the application process and the responses were very prompt.

 Testimonial Vaibhavi Sonavane

Vaibhavi Sonavane, ISB Co2019


I had a very tight schedule during the application cycle and ISBeacon helped in taking off a lot of stress.

They were paitient and were ready to go over as many iterations as I wanted till the very last day of admission.

 Testimonial Sankalp Sinha

Sankalp Sinha, ISB Co2019


I used ISBeacon's services for interview preparation for ISB. I got interview call in R2, with just 5 days for

preparation. The mock interview which I faced at ISBeacon was a carbon copy of the real interview.

 Testimonial Pallavi Chowdhary

Pallavi Chowdhary, ISB Co2019


The essays were very relfective of my personality and conveyed my profile in an extremely

impressive manner.

 Testimonial Bhavishya Juneja

Bhawishya Juneja, ISB EEO Co2020

   They offer entire package and are always just a call away. I had a great experience!

 Testimonial Amit Kacholia

Amit Kacholia, ISB Co2018


It was indeed a pleasure to interact with ISBeacon. The people at ISBeacon were highly reachable I

sought help whenever required and got an immediate response to my queries.

Testimonial Ashutosh

Ashutosh, ISB Co2018


It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at ISBeacon. The help extended is not just limited to

the essays but an overall evaluation of where you stand and what you should be looking at. The team

is committed to the agreed timelines and is always a phone call away.

Testimonial Anshul

Anshul, ISB Co2018


Interacting with ISBeacon has been very different than the run of the mill consultants. The experience

for me was very similar to interacting with a senior. Finally, the essays that came out narrated a very

personalized story and this is where ISBeacon specializes.

Testimonial Shalini Tiwari

Shalini Tiwari, ISB Co2018


Working with ISBeacon was an absolute pleasure, although I am from a non-traditional background,

they understood precisely what I was looking for and that reflected in perfectly articulated essays that

helped get into ISB, I would highly recommend their services.

 Testimonial Pushkal Bajpai

Pushkal Bajpai, ISB Co2018


ISBeacon was very helpful in assisting me in getting my essays in shape. The interactions help you in

identifying a common theme across all essays. Also the response time is very quick. Team being an

ISB alumnus knows what the admission team expects.

Testimonial Baishakhi

Baishakhi, ISB Co2018


ISBeacon is absolutely amazing. The amount of effort they put in to understand the need and

requirements of each candidate is indeed commendable. Full marks to the entire team. Cheers!

Testimonial Prasanna

Prasanna, ISB Co2018

   Very good service. They exactly know how to make your essay stand out.

Testimonial Smriti Salhotra

Smriti Salhotra, ISB Co2017


I came to know about ISBeacon while surfing and searching for some good MBA consultants.

It wasn't among the MBA consulting organizations who flash their advertisements on every

possible MBA related website but I can vouch for the quality of work that was delivered to me. What

seemed like a normal story from my draft was transformed into an array of well articulated highlights

of my accomplishments which really changed it into something different and special!

Testimonial Vijay Verma

Vijay Verma, ISB Co2017


Professional, disciplined, helpful and sincere is how I would describe ISBeacon. Initial discussion with

them helps one put in his / her thoughts and ideas in essays. Subsequent editing and portraying these

essays correctly by ISBeacon makes them into a winning story. The quality output by their professional

team helps you to apply with enhanced confidence!

Testimonial Pramukh Bharadwaj

Pramukh Bharadwaj, ISB EEOCo2018


Very proficient output, totally doing justice to my profile and articulating it brilliantly, got me an admit

to ISB EEO. Thanks for putting your expertise to realize my dreams!

Testimonial Digvijay

Digvijay, ISB/IIM Co2017


I will give large credit of my success to ISBeacon. Getting a good score in GMAT is one thing but to

present your profile in a refined and polished way is a totally different thing. I took Essay editing services

from ISBeacon and it proved to be a masterstroke. I will always remain thankful to ISBeacon for

helping me achieve my career goals!

Testimonial Saloni Satpathy

Saloni Satpathy, ISB Co2016


More important than writing the essays is portraying them in the correct light and these guys did just that!

The team is cordial and extremely professional, which is reflected in the quality of the output. Keep up the

good work!

 Testimonial Abhudaya

Abhudaya, ISB Co2016


I had a host of options to choose from when it came to B school application consultants, but I am so glad I

went for ISBeacon. They do actually win your trust. I am thankful to the team to have transformed my words

into appealing, meaningful life stories.

 Testimonial Shekar

Shekar, ISB Co2014


Thanks for transforming my essays from an ordinary write up into a winning story. Your stress on detailing

and experience in what to include and what not to include makes 300 words (ISB) enough for coming up

with a grandiose yet informative essay.

 Testimonial Ridhima

Ridhima, ISB Co2015


I started working with you in 2012, when I was not even sure of what an MBA was all about. With an

association of over 2 years, I can vouch that this is the best place to get honest feedback on your profile,

and the most well articulated essays one can expect. The team is genuine, extremely talented, and

understand the MBA ecosystem in India and abroad very well. I truly believe that the team here knows

me as well as I know myself, and I could not have asked for better support. I owe my MBA admit(s)

to Essays For MBA. Thanks for everything :).

 Testimonial Rahul Karnani

Rahul Karnani, ISB Co2016


I really cherish the relationship developed over the long admission period where you were incredibly

responsive and supportive. You worked hard to relate ISB’s key components with my profile. More

importantly, you were very open to discussion, making me comfortable and confident about my essays.

You don’t just edit your essays and get done with the job, but always stood by me till I got an admit.

 Testimonial Sai Raju

Sai Raju, ISB Co2016


Taking help from ISBeacon is one of the best decisions I took during the entire application process.

The team is exceptional in building well articulated essays that are simple, honest and at the same time

100 percent relevant to ISB's key components. I really loved my essays as they turned out to be the best

possible reflections of my personality.

 Testimonial Pramod

Pramod, ISB Co2014


I had positive feedback about you guys and you were the only source that I used for my MBA

applications, right from my first Application to ISB. It did me a world of good.

 Testimonial Shivani Vij

Shirvani Vij, ISB


Thanks for giving a fresh prespective to my application in terms of projecting my personality.

You were very very professional and I can vouce that you're the best in business.


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