Young Leaders Program (YLP)

About YLP

The Young Leaders Program (YLP) is a flagship program offered by the Indian School of Business (ISB) that is designed for undergraduate students in their pre-final or final year of study. The program aims to identify and nurture young talent and prepare them for leadership roles in the business world.

Eligibility criterion

1) A current college student
2) In the pre-final or final year
3) Have no full-time work experience

Program in detail

The YLP program is a three-stage program that spans over five years. The first stage of the program involves the selection process, which includes an online application, an aptitude test, and a personal interview. The selected candidates are then offered a provisional admission to the ISB’s flagship Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) upon completion of their undergraduate degree.


The second stage of the program involves the pre-PGP phase, which is a one-year program that includes a summer school at the ISB campus, a leadership assessment center, and a mentorship program. The pre-PGP phase aims to provide students with exposure to business concepts, leadership skills, and real-world business challenges.

The third stage of the program involves the PGP phase, which is a one-year, full-time program at the ISB campus. The PGP curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in all areas of business, including finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership, among others. The program also includes electives that students can choose based on their interests and career goals.

One of the unique features of the YLP program is the mentorship program, where students are assigned a mentor from the ISB’s alumni network. The mentorship program provides students with guidance and support throughout the program and helps them develop their leadership skills.

The faculty for the YLP program comprises experienced practitioners and academics who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience into the classroom. The program also offers personalized career services to help students enhance their career prospects.

Overall, the YLP program at ISB is an excellent choice for undergraduate students who are looking to enhance their management knowledge and skills and take their career to the next level. The program’s three-stage structure, mentorship program, and personalized career services make it an attractive option for young talent from around the world.

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