Indian School of Business (ISB) Mock interview

I am interested in scheduling my mock-interview, with an ISB Alum. Following are my details:

Congratulations on getting the coveted Interview call from ISB!

However, the time to celebrate is still one step away. Be prepared to confidently take that step, by scheduling a mock Interview with ISB Alum(s).

What to expect in the ISB interview?

ISB interviews are normally Profile based interviews. The interview panel wants to know you as a person and as a professional. The panel would converse with you on your work, your goals, your accomplishments, and your choice of school (ISB:)). Your hobbies and extra-curricular would also interest them, since they complete you as a person.

How the Mock Interview Process at ISBeacon works?

To provide you with the most realistic experience of the actual interview, our mock interview would also be largely profile based. For most fruitful interaction, we suggest the following workflow:

Invest Time & Effort
You've worked so hard to come so far. Don't take any chances, now that the frontier is so close! Let's work together, to scale this final frontier!
During the Mock
Expect a very realistic Interviewing Environment, with ISB Alum(s) guiding you through the entire Interview process. 

1) Share your application: Share your Essays and Profile with us before the mock interview.

2) Interview Best Practices Document & Questions Database: We will share with you the following:

  • A meticulously prepared ISB specific interview best practices document
  • A comprehensive database of most commonly asked questions in ISB interviews

3) Prepare responses to the questions and share with us: Write your responses to the most commonly asked questions in ISB interviews and share your written responses with us. We will go through your written responses and discuss improvements & refinements to your responses, so that your responses are in complete alignment with your application & profile.

4) Mock Interview: At a mutually convenient time, we will schedule a 35-45 minute skype interview with ISB Alum(s). Note that we do not schedule telephonic interviews, but insist on skype interviews, because body language is a key component of any interview process.

5) Feedback docket: After the mock interview, we would provide you with a detailed Feedback Docket, comprising the following:

  • Overall rating of your interview on four distinct parameters
  • A detailed written feedback on your performance in the interview
  • Specific suggestions on Areas of improvement

6) Discussion: After receiving the Feedback docket, directly discuss with us, any aspect of the feedback, to be completely prepared to scale the final frontier of ISB with confidence.

Note that the Video recording of the mock interview will be provided to the candidates.


Total charges for “one Interview” package (inclusive of taxes): Rs. 9,900.

Total charges for “two Interviews” package (inclusive of taxes): Rs. 14,900.

“The one thing that stood out for me was, ISBeacon was actually able to pinpoint a flaw in my essay that had gone unnoticed. While they could easily stop at the point saying, ‘The application is already submitted’, my mentor guided me on how to navigate that question if it were to pop up during the interview and craft a story behind it.

And surely, ISB did pick on that error during my interview, but thanks to the consultation I had sought via ISB Beacon, I was able to answer them seamlessly and even though I had something incorrect on paper, I was ultimately selected due to the interview improvisation of the same.”

Avni Mimani, ISB Co2024