The process Flow of a request is:

  1. Contact us through e-mail or over the phone; we offer a completely free introductory discussion, and profile evaluation.
  2. Once you sign-up for our services, we start working on your essays. During the entire process, a seamless discussion will be maintained with you, regarding the progress on your essays, and any clarifications that we need.
  3. We will regularly get in touch with you, in case further clarifications are deemed necessary.
  4. Final essays will be delivered within 10 days after the discussion.


  1. It is your essays that we edit. So, the more the information you provide us about yourself (through essays, resume and discussion), the more impactful and personalized the final essays will be.
  2. When you are drafting your essays, don’t constrain yourself by the word-limit imposed by the essay. For example, for a 300 word essay, even if it takes you 1,000 words to put in all that you think should go into that essay, so be it. How to best summarize those 1,000 words of content into the 300 word limit, how to structure the essay, and how to articualte the story line is our job, not yours.
  3. From you, our only expectation is raw content; and lots of it!
  4. Please don’t transfer any money to the account before you contact us.
What to expect
Extremely well articulated essays that depict you to the Admissions committee, in the best manner. Throughout the Application Process, you would have direct access to the ISB Alum, who is working on your application
What not to expect
Don't outsource your work to us, just because you are too busy; outsource your work, because we have the expertise. Through the process, the more inputs you give us, the better the quality of essays will be. After all, it's your story and our articulation