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About ISBeacon, India's #1 ISB Application Consulting

About ISBeacon

ISBeacon is the culmination of the collective aspiration of following ISB alums, who found their calling, not in plush corporate offices, but in their passion for writing and in the satisfaction that comes from helping others realize their MBA dreams.


With significant professional experience, Ashish discovered that education industry and mentorship, is where his heart lay. Hence, after working in the Corporate sector for a long time, Ashish chose to get associated with Education industry. With a track record of helping numerous acquaintances and friends successfully with their b-school Application process over the years, he decided to opt for ISB Application Consulting as a full time career.


While preparing for his applications for MBA admissions, Krishnan realized the futility of existing admissions services, which added no value to the applicant candidature. During his MBA journey, Krishnan saw a clear gap between the demand from students for quality Application Consultants and the current availability of good Consultants. ISBeacon fills this gap between demand and supply, by providing high quality ISB focused Application consulting.

How we started
We started off by helping our own friends realize their ISB dreams. In fact, these friends suggested that we scale up, to help ISB aspirants on a larger scale.
How we evolved
Over the years, ISBeacon has evolved into a preferred choice of Application Consulting, for a large number of ISB Applicants.


Aditya has always had an eye for detail. He puts this ability of his to good use, by being the chief reviewer of the content generated at ISBeacon. His critical inputs play a crucial role in refining the content into final shape. For this reason, we are so confident that the content that we ultimately deliver to the ISB applicants is truly reflective and representative of the strengths of the applicants.

Our Differentiators

Virtually a no-holds barred approach

When interacting with aspirants, we don’t have an arms-length approach. We believe when it comes to essay writing, there is no such thing as merely consultative approach, no mere critiquing and no half-measures. Once we receive your drafts/essays, we actually get down to working on them, to deliver the final product to you.

We are not an Essay Factory

We don’t have any ready made templates in which we force fit your personality; we don’t outsource the essays to people who can do it cheaper. Our only goal is to accentuate your personality through essays. Period.

We’ve all “been there dun that”

Sounds clichéd at best and condescending, at worst, doesn’t it….if only there were any other way of putting it!! When you avail our services, all writers who work on your essays, would be ISB alums, who have been through the rigor, to gain admit into ISB. We know what it takes to make the cut. It’s not just about being ISB alums; all of us have a demonstrated ability in written English.

No “proprietary” methodology

Even a dipstick survey of essay editing services would reveal consultants falling head over heals, claiming to have (finally!!) cracked the code of admissions, alluring you into using their proprietary methodology / technology / phraseology.

The truth is that there is no code to be cracked, no puzzles to be solved. The mantra is simple: Essays should depict a story that comes from the heart and goes into the heart. We help you do exactly that. In other words, when it comes to essays, what you have to say and how you say it, both matter.

While you tell us what you have to say; we take care of the how part. Remember, it is all about you marketing yourself to the Admissions committee; as any MBA grad will tell you, when it comes to marketing, it is the perception that matters. So, it is all about how the Admissions Committee perceives you through your essays!

Example of writing

After completing my B.Tech, I decided to pursue a career in an IT services company. For me, this career offered the brightest chances of progression and salary. Moreover, most of my batch-mates who were good at studies, also opted for the same career.

The above rather unimpressive and hum-drum statement can be re-written as:

People of my generation, growing up in India in 2000s would vouch how a career in Information Technology was deemed both necessary and sufficient for a lucrative career. My case was no different as I pursued a career in IT services, after completing my B.Tech.

Unlimited number of iterations

Our association with you does not end with us delivering the essays to you. If you are not satisfied, we iteratively work on your essays based on your feedback, until you are satisfied; all at no extra charges.

Relentless Excellence

Applicants often request us to give their essays their best shot, for ISB is the only MBA institute that they are applying to. Our take on it is that for us, each applicant and each essay is our best shot!

Our quality will not diminish if you get (say) ten essays edited by us as opposed to (say) one essay. After all, by soliciting our services, you are making us part stakeholders in your dreams, and it places the onus on us to deliver our best, each and every time.

Lastly, a candid confession

You know we sometimes feel that people give us more credit than we are perhaps worthy of, on receiving interview calls and admit from ISB. After all, it was their profile and their personality; we just helped project it to the best of our capability.

But, the praise we really treasure, is from people who, despite our best efforts, could not get an interview call, but still drop a mail saying: I couldn’t make it, but I know my essays were not the reason why I didn’t receive a call.